Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Random AIM Conversation

yaz: you know after today, life is all downhill from here
Bruin7089: you mean this is the top of the hill right now?
yaz: yup
Bruin7089: wait
Bruin7089: does that mean it gets easier from here on out?
yaz: No
yaz: Harder, that is why it is downhill
Bruin7089: i don't know about you
yaz: The real studying starts monday
Bruin7089: but going up hills is harder for me
yaz: this finals studying was just lame
yaz: I meant not downhill like coasting
yaz: I meant downhill like you are at the pinnacle of your life
Bruin7089: this is my pinnacle?
yaz: Yup
Bruin7089: well then i don't have much to worry about
Bruin7089: it ain't that far down this hill I'm on top of
yaz: Me either
yaz: I am going to cry

1 comment:

YellowQueen said...

Boys... your pathetic outlook on life is downright depressing. Stop using metaphors and actually live life!!! LOL!!!