Friday, April 28, 2006

Last Day Of Classes

Excited? Happy? Sad? In denial? I don't quite know what to think about or more precisely how to feel about this day. With a paper coming due, then finals, graduation, bar prep, and the bar itself following each other in lockstep (not to mention watching the NBA playoffs, The OC, American Idol, playing amazing defense whenever Brian finds himself a good tipper spoon - or is it tipping spoon?, and other essential time wasting habits) I haven't really had the time to give it much consideration. The last day of classes EVER has sorta seemed most like any other day leading up to the seemingly more important days of paper due date, days of finals, etc. But today I'm not going to work on the paper or study for finals at all - well not much anyway - and I'm going to give this day its proper consideration because I'm sappy like that and because more than anything else, I'm lazy like that. If I should lazily come to any insights or profundities regarding the last day of classes EVER, then I'll share with updates.

UPDATE: This last day of classes EVER would be better if I wasn't Brandy's bitch and she didn't eat a good portion of my lunch.

UPDATE: Signed my last sign-in sheet. Informed about it, Prof. Sheehan told me I'm now a grown-up.


Brandy said...

Your lunch sucked Wayne... I expected better.

Wayne said...

Ever since the corner taco stand upgraded to an "A" the food has never been the same.