Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Passing For Cuban

yaz: This dude at this mirror shop I ordered a mirror at seriously wanted to fight me
Bruin7089: why?
yaz: I just wanted my money back and he started calling me gay and cuban
yaz: He has called my house three times since then
Bruin7089: a worker there?
yaz: The owner
yaz: I filed a criminal complaint
yaz: This dude was seriously crazy
yaz: And an idiot, I mean you can call me korean, chinese, any asian race, but CUBAN
Bruin7089: hahahahaa
yaz: He was telling me to bring him back sugar cane and cigars
Bruin7089: why were you asking for your money back?
yaz: Because he was suppossed to deliver the mirror last weds
yaz: He never did, never called
yaz: I have been calling him since then getting the run around
yaz: Today I called at lunch and he had no record of me making the order, he was like I dont even have a receipt for you
yaz: I had mine so I was like, I just want my money back
yaz: And that is when he started cussing me out
yaz: Saying fucking get out of my store
yaz: I dont need your cuban business
yaz: Funny thing was, my mirror was in the store
yaz: He could have just said, the mirror is right here I will come install it
yaz: Instead he starting cussing me out and calling me gay
yaz: He was like you look like a dishwasher
yaz: Then he starts lecturing me about how we do business in america
yaz: Mind you this dude speaks broken english and is definately not from america
yaz: So he is like I dont give a fuck who you are I dont give a fuck where you come from, and one more gay thing, so of course I went nuts
yaz: and started yelling back
yaz: I was like who the fuck are you and where do you get off fucking talking to me like that
yaz: Oh and he took my receipt and crumpled it up
yaz: Wasnt going to give it back to me until I said I am going to call the police
yaz: Then he gave it back

That would be Mirror Design located at 11059 Ventura Blvd Studio City, CA 91604.


yaz: I am kind of behind, thanks for making me realize that and causing me stress now
yaz: You fucking cuban
Bruin7089: haha
Bruin7089: so when are you getting your money back?
yaz: Credit card company is taking care of it
yaz: but he is suing me
Bruin7089: what?
yaz: small claims court
Bruin7089: go to people's court
yaz: I know I should
Bruin7089: so bizzare
yaz: such a hassle
Bruin7089: you have rights
Bruin7089: so says ms. prosecutrix
yaz: What are they, go kick that dude's ass?

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Ms. Prosecutrix said...

Even though he got your ethnicity wrong, his calling and harassing you at home is a misdemeanor and could perhaps even be classified as a hate crime! You have rights!