Sunday, March 12, 2006

Forget Asking Why About SWLAW's Bar Passage Rate... school grades are among the chief indicators of success on the bar exam, and most law schools can identify the point at which students falling below a certain mark will likely fail the test, even if they remain in good academic standing.

But law schools historically have not been in the "academic support/personal support" business, Riebe said.

That may be changing, however. Pursuant to a recent rule modification by the ABA, law schools for the first time last year began offering their own bar-preparation courses for credit.

Although the classes cannot count toward the minimum number of credits needed for graduation, students attending law schools that require more credits than the ABA minimum can receive credit for taking the courses.

"Law schools are professionals schools and have an obligation to prepare students to enter the profession," Friedman said. "The bar exam is one of the hurdles."

and begin asking why not at SWLAW.

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Roonie said...

Screw what everyone tells you about the bar. That's the biggest way to fake you out yet. Put your nose to the grindstone and get 'er done. Simple as that. Fuck the hype.