Monday, February 27, 2006

Third-Tier Conversation

Brian: I saw Armen.
Me: When?
Brian: Yesterday [Feb. 25].
Me: Wasn't his wedding yesterday?
Brian: Yeah, I saw him between his wedding and the reception.
Me: In between the wedding and the reception?! You're fucking with me.
Brian: I'm not.
Me: Where did you see him?
Brian: I saw him at Whole Foods in Glendale.
Me: The Whole Foods in Glendale?! Now I know you're fucking with me and that this is some kind of joke.
Brian: It isn't! But it does sound like the beginning of one doesn't it?
Me: I still think you're fucking with me.


Ginzer said...

Just out of curiosity does this mean he might have been shopping for something for his reception? cause that would be kind of weird.

Wayne said...

It is kind of weird but keep in mind the guy did finish the bar exam only two days earlier. So he should be excused for any oversight or lack of preparedness.

shell said...

Glendale now has Whole Foods? Since when? Can the residents afford it?