Monday, February 13, 2006

Can I Just Get The GED Equivalent For Lawschool?

It's like we're fifth-year seniors. - Brian

So it is with Annie having graduated early, joining the large ranks of those friends from 1L who have since come and gone; the schedule of a 3L such that you don't see those you're accustomed to seeing on a near daily basis for the past two years, which is not necessarily a bad thing; and the general consensus that lawschool goes on for far too long, sums up to the feeling that we're a couple of idiots stuck in school.

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shell said...

Yeah but if they got rid of the third year, what will happen to all the extra faculty and staff? Who will decide who will get laid-off or terminated? Law school (esp. private) will lose lots of funding. There will be huge re-structuring, etc. I don't think the administrations like the change proposal very much, even if the students demanded the change.