Sunday, December 18, 2005

Random AIM Conversation

yazzie: I just made a table of contents for my outline
yazzie: I think that should be enough for the test
Bruin7089: fuck you
yazzie: haha
Bruin7089: hate you
Bruin7089: hate anyone not in Schmitty's class
yazzie: Did you let Turtle freak you out or what
Bruin7089: well
Bruin7089: i did go over half her outline while at starbucks
Bruin7089: debating on whether to read the rest
Bruin7089: or just read some practice exams
yazzie: and...
Bruin7089: well
Bruin7089: i'm about to have dinner in an hour
Bruin7089: doing laundry right now
Bruin7089: that's enough
Bruin7089: no need to add studying to the mix
yazzie: Haha
yazzie: I hope everyone is doing what we are doing
Bruin7089: fuck no
yazzie: And by "doing" I mean doing nothing

1 comment:

Uisce said...

the trick is to prevent all your friends from studying while you're hitting the books all the while. and then when they grade on the curve it's straight A's, baby!!