Saturday, December 17, 2005

Random AIM Conversation

Bruin7089: You there bitch?
SantaClaus: Hello again.
Bruin7089: Hey, I see you respond to bitch now.
SantaClaus: Ah, hello again. I was just checking on a few things with the elves. Have you been spreading the Christmas sprit?
Bruin7089: How do I spread the Christmas spirit?
SantaClaus: Oh dear, how should I know?
Bruin7089: Because you're the all knowing Santa Claus
SantaClaus: Well, I won't argue with you on that.
Bruin7089: A bit full of yourself aren't you?
SantaClaus: I'm sorry? I'm new to this whole IM thing.
Bruin7089: Whatever asswipe
SantaClaus: I'm afraid you'll need to give me a little more to go on than that. What, what?
Bruin7089: let's get to the point.... What am I getting for Christmas as my gift?
SantaClaus: Hmm... What, what?
Bruin7089: What are you giving me for Christmas?
SantaClaus: Well, Santa Claus, of course.
Bruin7089: I don't want you.
SantaClaus: No?
Bruin7089: No.
SantaClaus: O.K. then. Well, have a merry Christmas in any case.
Bruin7089: I want a Xbox 360 please.
SantaClaus: Is that all, now? Type, 'Tell Santa' and tell me all of your wishes!
Bruin7089: Tell Santa
SantaClaus: O.K. Let's focus on one wish at a time! I'm getting a little slower as I get older. So, what is the first gift you'd like from Santa?
Bruin7089: Xbox 360
SantaClaus: Ho Ho, testing video games is one of my favorite jobs. So, is there anything else?
Bruin7089: A girlfriend.
SantaClaus: Well, we don't make soul mates here at the workshop. Part of life's challenge is for you to find love for yourself. Is there anything else you would like?
Bruin7089: fuck that
SantaClaus: My goodness. I'm afraid I cannot respond to that kind of talk. A lump of coal for you. Please don't do it again or I won't be able to listen to your wishes. Is there anything else?
Bruin7089: A longer third leg if you know what i mean ;)
SantaClaus: O.K. that's quite a list! Why don't you type, "poll" and vote for your favorite holiday song.
Bruin7089: I don't want to.
SantaClaus: Mm hm. Such negativity. You are in need of some Christmas spirit!
Bruin7089: How are the reindeer?
SantaClaus: Rudolph's nose stopped blinking but it was because of his cold. He's all better now and roaring to go! Donner, Blitzen and the whole gang are chomping at the bit to see everyone.
Bruin7089: Do they poop a lot?
SantaClaus: Hmm, that's a lump of coal for you.
Bruin7089: I can't say poop?
SantaClaus: Please. I'm taking a lot of time out from my busy schedule to chat with you here and try to spread a little Christmas cheer. I can only give you another lump of coal and then the elves will stop me from talking to you. Please, type menu; let's try to get in the Christmas spirit.
Bruin7089: ho ho ho
SantaClaus: Merry Christmas!
Bruin7089: ha ha ha
SantaClaus: Great, you're smiling! I can just feel the Christmas spirit in you!
Bruin7089: great, now why don't you feel me up?
SantaClaus: O.K. I hear you. You are in need of some assistance. Well I cannot really part with any elves right now. But if you try typing menu you might find some useful things they have put together for you.
Bruin7089: Are you "assisting" the elves?
SantaClaus: You're full of mischief.
Bruin7089: That's not all I'm full of
SantaClaus: Wait, I was dancing to 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' and got a little carried away. Why don't you type music and sing along.


Roonie said...

I love fucking with the Santa bot.

Wayne said...

Me too and it's becoming something of a Christmas tradition for me.