Tuesday, December 06, 2005

In Search Of A Different Headline

Like the more comforting and specific, "Even Dumb Filipinos From Third-Tier Law Schools Pass The California Bar Exam."

UPDATE: An excerpt from the linked to article.
Kathleen Sullivan is a noted constitutional scholar who has argued cases before the Supreme Court. Until recently, she was dean of Stanford Law School. In legal circles, she has been talked about as a potential Democratic nominee for the Supreme Court. But Ms. Sullivan recently became the latest prominent victim of California's notoriously difficult bar exam. Last month, the state sent out the results of its July test to 8,343 aspiring and already-practicing lawyers. More than half failed -- including Ms. Sullivan.

Now IF - that's as big an "if" as I could make it - I should happen to pass on my first try and Ms. Sullivan happens to be named to the Supreme Court, well that would just take the cake.


Kelly said...

Did she really take it? If so, you have to wonder how much time she really spent preparing...

Saucy Lil' Tart said...

Well, I guess everyone who passed this July can give themselves a great big pat on the back then.