Tuesday, November 08, 2005

SBA Evite

This is it... the last SBA Happy Hour for the semester.... your last chance to get drunk before exams. Come out to one of "E Entertainment Network's" hotest spots in LA... minutes from our very own campus. The location is so close you could even walk from campus... although if you intend to get really drunk we don't recommend stumbling through the streets of LA. Cheap parking is also available.
See anything possibly wrong there?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the SBA is fucking lame? That and they don't condone walking drunk, but driving drunk is a-okay with them. Idiots, just idiots.

Anonymous said...

SBA needs to check their spelling. I think the word "hotest" should have another t. But then maybe the place isn't really "hot" but "hote."

Yellow Queen said...

Either that or I'm lame and drunk when writing the SBA Evites!!!!