Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More On The Changing SWLAW GPA


Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that some of this info is wrong.

Anonymous said...

THANK GOD! Please tell us which part is wrong.

Tessa - SBA said...

For the Truth: Please go to the Grading Reform Meeting this Friday, 12:30 W611.

This is the information I've received from Professor Grimes, member of the ad hoc committee on grading reform.

"The Committee has agreed on a proposal which we shared with the faculty on Monday and we will share with the students on Friday. At this point, it is just a recommendation that will have to be approved by the faculty. The Committee has made no recommendation on retroactivity. That will have to be discussed and dealt with at some point, but the Committee's feeling was that we want grading reform to move forward quickly and not get bogged down in the retroactivity issue. The Dean and the Committee want to implement grading reform for this semester.I'll be able to share the outline of the proposal with everyone on Friday."

Anonymous said...

First, I am positive no one will be kicked off law review next year if they are on it this year.

Also, the whole proposal seems stupid. Why would we want to raise our curve from 2.3 to 2.4 and then have a 2.3 cutoff to funk people out??? It seems like we are worst off.

On top of that, the no rankings under top 10 will screw everyone over but the top 10. Now, your gpa has gone up from a 2.3 to a 2.4 and you are unranked. So, you get to put GPA: 2.4 on your resume, which looks REALLY good. At least before, you can put top 50% on your resume instead of 2.4 (which employers who don't know the school will now think you are in the bottom 10%).

Anonymous said...

I graduated in last May with almost a 2.5, yet my class rank was in the bottom 20%. Take that!