Friday, November 04, 2005


A couple of days ago I was doing some grocery shopping and at the checkout the woman in front of me was returning an unopened bag of candy. Presumably it was unused Halloween candy. But how can that be? I mean who returns leftover Halloween candy? The first thing on my mind, the very first thing, if I were to be buying Halloween candy, would be whether or not I would enjoy the candy myself, knowing it was very likely there would be some left over and even more likely that I would enjoy a piece or three dozen pieces as I was passing it out. Maybe she was diabetic.


Blonde Justice said...

Just the other day, a friend of mine was saying that because he wasn't sure how many trick-or-treaters to expect, he bought a TON of candy for Halloween, with the assurance that he could return whatever he didn't use.

I know my mother purposely buys candy she doesn't like so that she won't eat it all and ruin her diet. Doesn't stop my father from eating the leftovers though.

Anonymous said...

Either she was diabetic or just really cheap.

Wayne said...

What the fuck are you doing leaving comments at 2am?

Also, I don't understand why someone would buy candy they didn't like. Shouldn't the point be to give out candy that most kids will like? So you should be looking to buy candy with universal appeal, which in most instances - excluding those instances when the candy buyer has peculiar taste in candies - means you probably should buy candy that you yourself like. Buying candy you don't like to give out to little children? That's just wrong.

As for the guy who buys a TON of candy, when it's getting very late in the night and the number of trick-or-treaters is slowing to a trickle he should make one kid a very lucky one.

So there you go, nobody should be returning leftover Halloween candy.