Monday, October 10, 2005

Assuming We SWLAW Students Can Choose Where To Work*

The studies also demonstrate that some parts of the country pay considerably more than others. Altman Weil puts the Pacific region in the top spot for associate compensation at a median of $131,661. The South Atlantic region's median is $125,864, followed closely by the mid-Atlantic at $125,368. The Mountain region’s median compensation is $111,784.

But Jenkins warns not to put too much stock in the differences.

"Our data reflects that recent graduates with firm positions on the West Coast did not receive substantially higher salaries than graduates working in other geographic areas," said Jenkins. "In fact, those in New York and the Northeast, as well as those employed in Washington, D.C., reported some higher-than-average salaries."

Robert Half Legal says the top-paying cities are New York, San Francisco-San Jose and Chicago.

But don’t plan your move just yet: higher salaries also come higher costs of living.

* Quite the assumption, think along the lines of the "ass out of u and me" joke.

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