Monday, October 10, 2005

An Apology

A post was written a week ago. Nasty comments were left about someone. A nasty comment directed towards me and a defense of that someone was also left which prompted a nasty response post by a friend to which I linked. After taking down the original post, I made a "final" post in anger with a derogatory term. Admittedly that was not me at my finest.

I apologize for leaving the comments up, I apologize for the link to my friend's post, and I apologize for referring to you in a derogatory manner. I make no excuses for my behavior, I only apologize and say that I'm sorry for the pain you have expressed to me that I have caused you.

You were a friend once and had gotten to know me over the course of a school year with some of the shared memories kept in this very blog. And if you remember rightly, you know that I'm honest to a fault and that apologies don't come easily from me. So when I say I'm sorry you should know it's meaningful, sincere, and true.