Friday, September 30, 2005

Update: Chase Visa...still morons

I finally got through the fraud line to an actual agent without the 25+ minute wait. So, things were looking up.

Using all the information you all so kindly provided I felt prepared for any excuse they could throw at me. The agent looked up my account and found that I had in fact requested 3 affidavits now. I asked if I could submit the national form available on the govt. website. She quickly responded with "no, you can only use our affidavit." I asked if I could have one faxed to me at work. She said, "yes." I was finally getting somewhere.

Then it all went to hell. I asked if she could fax me right away and she explained that only the agent on my case can do that. She tried to reach her but the agent wasn't answering. So she would fax my agent and her supervisor because even she, another Chase Visa Moron, could not believe that I had yet to receive this important affidavit.

I asked if I could speak to her supervisor and she said she can't do that. I asked to speak to another agent. Of course, no one was available. I asked if I could get the e-mail address of the agent. She told me it's only and intra office system.

So what did I accomplish? My agent has now been sent an e-mail to fax me the affidavit and her supervisor has been cc'd. IN addition, I got the fax number to the office. So really, nothing was done.

So to anyone who would like to assist in returning to Chase Visa the frustration they have caused me, contact SANDRA JACHOWSKE at 800-335-3052 xt. 8180 or fax her at
(847) 488-3745.

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