Tuesday, September 27, 2005

This Week In SWLAW Blogs

If you replace "rarely" with "never", then you've got a fairly accurate description of this blog. I'm not all too sure about that smart and witty stuff either but who am I to complain?

Good professor vs. Bad Professor, we know who wins the hearts of students but who wins the minds? Probably the Good Professor as well.

At my house, Grilled Dog Night is Sunday night - makes for good leftovers for the coming week.

I've learned.... That reading Macy's blog every few days is still all too frequent. Post, post, post.

Now let this be a warning, if you want to keep things quiet, don't say things to me out in the Promenade or anywhere else for that matter. But in my defense, Trini encouraged me to shout it out. Not that I need encouraging. And I'm more like an 5th grader.

Actually, I find that I'm doing less this year than I was last year as far as extracurricular activities are concerned. I think the 3L Syndrome is something else entirely.

Now I don't know about this but I get the sense that a significant proportion of the conservatives at SWLAW are minorities. Can someone back me up on that? On the same note, SWLAW bloggers tend to be conservative with the odd exception of course.

I'd say it's more like undergrad on crack but whatever your choice of illicit drugs may be that's what law school is like. Without the trippy side effects that make it fun.... So I'm told.

The following quote reminds me of my Con Law professor.
Some people claim . . . that although Frankfurter was hugely successful as a teacher, he didn't really teach law, he 'taught Frankfurter,' and Harvard let him get away with it.


Anonymous said...

Re: liberal groups having high tech problems, while conservative groups dont. All liberals hate technical progress, want the environment pristine, and advocate holding hands and singing Kum Bah Yah... so, why do they need audio/video? Or SUV's? There should be no gas crisis for liberals, because they all should be walking or riding a bicycle, unless they are hypocrites...

Anonymous said...

Is good prof Prof. Hart and bad prof. Prof. Garland?

Anonymous said...

I don't have Prof. Garland this semester.

Rachael said...

You so rock for the link. :) What are you doing for Rosh Hashana? And why haven't we met yet?

Wayne said...

Rosh Hashana? Who am I? Adam Sandler?