Friday, September 02, 2005

Random AIM Conversation

Bruin7089: what about that story Trini told you?
yaz: Oh
yaz: So she is in her 1st amendment seminar class
yaz: With horowitz
yaz: They were talking about something
Bruin7089: 1st amendment?
yaz: and he is like one of your fellow students has a blog
yaz: and on this blog he talks about a lot of things
Bruin7089: please be Todd
Bruin7089: or Macy's
Bruin7089: Or Jen's
yaz: His name is wayne soller
yaz: he talks about his romantic endeavors which are mainly failures
Bruin7089: hahahahahahahahahahahaa

Well it's good to know this blog has some educational value. Trini, if you have the time, post the exact language which I heard is even funnier - or anyone in that class for that matter can use the comments to post the language.


Anonymous said...

I believe it was something along the lines of that you post about the law school and about your love life, or lack thereof. Note the "or" -- I certainly did not firmly draw any conclusions on the subject! I prefer not to take strong positions in my classes. Also, there are some things I just don't want to know. In any event, thank you for serving, in your absence, as a useful illustration of the difficulties of defining "the press."

Paul Horwitz

Trini said...

FYI - I wasn't quoting professor was more of a comedic interpretation. It made for a much better story to Brian, who I though would enjoy my rendition.

Frolics and Detours said...

That's awesome Wayne. You should take his class. He'd probably like you.