Monday, September 26, 2005

Juror Blogs His Experience

I'm taking Trial Ad and the reading material likes to point out that my audience is a tv generation and that I should present my case accordingly. I wasn't completely sold on that characterization of a jury so it was this part of the blogger/juror's experience that jumped out at me.
As an aside, I'm not certain why my sense of people's resemblance to celebrities was so keen in this situation. Was it because I tend to see court battles only in movies and on T.V.? Was it because I knew I would be trying to describe the people on my blog (doubtful, since I didn't think I would be blogging my jury duty at the time)? I only know that the resemblance of the prosecutor to Frasier's Niles struck me without prompting, as did the resemblance of this officer to Gary Busey. The resemblance of the defense counsel to Tom Welling and Julianne Moore is more manufactured to give you a rough impression of what they looked like.

Other interesting parts of the experience were his impression of the prosecutor's closing statement and how they ended up convincing the lone holdout juror to switch her vote.

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