Friday, September 02, 2005

Is SWLAW Doing The Same?

And shouldn't our school's SBA be coordinating some sort of relief help for the victim's of Katrina?


bunny said...

Don't they have some weird law system in Louisiana?

Anonymous said...

Yes, they have a civil law system which they inherited from the french.

Dennis Hastert was quoted yesterday as saying they should possibly just bulldoze some areas of New Orleans instead of rebuilding because with an $87K median home price, it's not worth rebuilding. Maybe we could use this as an excuse to junk the civil law system down there as well.

Jen Ollington said...

hi wayne;

i'm actually helping the sba to hold a bake sale on thursday, September 8th to raise funds for the American Red Cross Hurricane relief effort. there are sign up sheets on the 2nd floor of the Westmoreland building on the public interest board. we need folks to donate baked goods on thursday morning, and also sign up to work the table. if you could make a post informing people of this i would appreciate it.

thank you in advance,

jen ollington (make-shift bake sale coordinator!)

people may email me with questions: