Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Chase Visa = Morons

For those of you that don't know, I recently found out that my identity had been stolen. The only reason I found out was because I was denied my private law school loan due to "serious delinquincy" according to the lender. After some investigation I discovered a Chase Visa card in my name with an $11,000 balance. That was in July so since then I've had to deal with all the idiots that work in its fraud department. I can call them idiots because no one with an IQ above 10 would ask or do as they have. Here are some examples:

Back in July....
Me: Someone opened an account with my personal information, I want to close it.
Them: What is your account number?
Me: I don't have an account number since I never opened it.
Them: Well let me have your social secuity number and name on the account.
Me: {I answer}
Them: I am sorry. Your name does not match. We can only talk to the person who owns this account.

Still in July...
Me: I want to close a fraudulent account that was opened in my name. Here is my info...
Them: I'm sorry. There's a balance on your account. You have to settle it with the collections department and figure out a payment schedule. Call this number...

In August...
Me: I want to resolve an investigation into an account that was opened in my name.
Them: Ok but the agent assigned to your account is unavailable. Please give me your contact information and she'll be in touch.
Me: Can I get her extension.
Them: I am sorry. She has to approve the release of her extension. She'll call you.

Three weeks later...
Me: I never heard from my fraud agent. I want to get info on the status of my investigation.
Them: Well you never submitted your affidavit. The investigation cannot begin until we receive your affidavit. She sent one a month ago.
Me: Where did you send it?
Them: To the billing address on the account.
Me: What address? I did not open this account.
Them: I am sorry we can't release that information
Me: Well just send it to this address...

Two weeks after that...
Me: I never received my affidavit regarding my fraud claim. Where was it sent?
Them: That was sent weeks ago to your billing address.
Me: What billing address?
Them: Where your card was sent.
Me: I don't have a billing address. I didn't open this account. Someone used my information to open this card.
Them: Well we don't have any other information on file.
Me: I just gave you my address a few weeks ago...what happened?
Them: The agent made no changes on your account. Which charges are you disputing?
Me: ALL OF THEM! THIS IS NOT MY ACCOUNT! Do you people listen?
Them: Ma'am I can't help you if you are screaming. Please give me your address and we will resend the affidavit.

It is now September 20th and absolutely nothing has been done. It's definately safe to say to Chase employees are a bunch of dim witted morons. At this rate I'll probably never restore my credit. So much for my future.


Wayne said...

You should set up an appointment and talk to Dean Powell about this.

Anonymous said...

Ask to talk to the supervisor's supervisor's supervisor. At that point, you may get someone with a brain and some power to do something useful.

Anonymous said...

Part of this applies to Riverside Residents only.::::::::
Q: I think someone is using my credit cards (or has stolen my driver's license).
A: If you are a victim of identity theft, you may call the District Attorney's Cyber Crime Unit (CATCH) at (951) 774-3088. Or, you may call the California Department of Justice Identity Theft Registry (1-888-880-0240) or the Identify Theft Resource Center (1-858-693-7935).

Anonymous said...

You may log on to www.consumer.gov/idtheft. (On this web site you may obtain a copy of the standard affidavit form for reporting identity theft to creditors; you can report the crime to the Federal Trade Commission's "Consumer Sentinel," and you can obtain a copy of "When Bad Things Happen to Your Good Name.")

Anonymous said...

Don't give up Wayne. Just keep pushing these idiots. Call them everyday. Call them twice a day. Demand to speak with someone with some sort of authority. You're going to be a lawyer, start scaring people!

Wayne said...

It's not me, it's Trini - and I'm sure she thanks you all for the advice - and believe me, I already scare people.

TSC Girl said...

Try this site:

And did you contact the three major credit reporting agencies to add a fraud alert to your account? That website should list them and give you all the other info you need to get the ball rolling on getting this fixed.

Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Trini this happened to me this last Christmas. This is what I learned;
0. Document all your conversations, emails, and other correspondence. Who you spoke with and when.
1. Call the credit reporting agencies (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax)
2. Put an alert on your account with all three of those agencies. I choose the 3 month one but an optional 7 year one is possible for those with id theft.
3. Get a copy of your credit report and look for any discrepancies. If you see an account you didn't open, close it. You may be able to see when/where someone made an inquiry to the CR that lead to the theft.
4. File a police report. Most CC companies will not hold you accountable for the loss. They will send a form you must fill out and return. On that form it will ask for a police report number.
--Boargart (if you want some more info I can chat with you at school.)

Anonymous said...

Ah here is a site that may offer more guidance (if you're still looking).

Anonymous said...

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CreditHolder said...

This can happen with everyone. Identity theft is rising and rising. I am afraid of my data theft every time when use my card. When will be really strong secure measures invented?