Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Tangled Web

As I was leaving Trial Ad class, my professor asked me about this blog I have. I told her that I indeed post to a blog. She then relayed to me that someone had mentioned I had written something about her and had identified her as the professor having a diamond in her ear. I assured her that it was not her.

What troubles me is that the professor I referred to as having a diamond in the ear, is not one of my favorite professors. Whereas, the professor who was confused in the matter is one of my favorite professors.

So I suppose the answer is either stop posting about professors altogether, stop posting negative things, or full disclosure. We shall see.


nycgirl said...

My friend in law school has a live journal and would make fun of some of the professors while she was in class they were teaching.

Anonymous said...

I vote for school disclosure. It's anonymous grading anyway.

Kelly said...

Anonymous grading. There's a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Did you mix up rolnick and garland? Tell her I said hi and to change my grade so I can come back! - Sean