Tuesday, August 23, 2005

An Email From The SBA

Southwestern Students,

The SBA Board would like to take this chance to welcome you back to school. We are writing this email to let you know that there are important commissioner positions available within the SBA. For those of you students that do not know what the SBA is, it is the Student Bar Association which networks and programs many of the events that occur on and off our campus for you the students. These events are geared towards networking with alumni for future jobs, networking with other law students from Southwestern and other law schools, and helping students to find an outlet to relieve the much anticipated stress of being a law student.

The positions available are diverse and reach out to many different personalities to fill. Below is a brief summary of the positions available and the responsibilities behind each position. If you are interested in applying for any of these positions for the 2004-2005 School Year, please place a resume with a paragraph explaining your qualifications for the position that you are applying for. The paragraph and resume can MUST be turned into the SBA office or emailed to Chris Harmon at chrisharmon@gmail.com before Friday, August 26th . Thank you for your time.


SBA Board

Appointed Commissioner Positions

Commissioner of Academic Affairs
Coordinate monthly speaker series
Deal with proposals and problems relating to academic policies

Commissioner of Community Affairs
Coordinate Hoover Elementary School, including Mock Trial, Alternative Dispute Resolution Program, holiday gift drives
Coordinate school clothing and food drives
Develop community outreach programs
Encourage and promote student involvement in community service programs

Commissioner of Minority Affairs
Coordinate Cultural Food Fair
Liaison between SBA and all SBA minority groups on campus
Organize and promote activities that contribute to the effectuation of equality of all minority groups

Commissioner of Alumni Affairs
Coordinate all Alumni Student activities
Develop new Alumni outreach programs
Attend all Alumni Association meetings

Commissioner of Student Welfare
Coordinate Mentor/ Mentee Program
Organize and promote any activity/ program that will improve the condition of student welfare
Develop programs for first year student adjustment/ transition

Commissioner of Student Activities
Assist executive board in the coordination of all student activities
Develop and execute on and off campus student activities

I was a Student Welfare Commissioner last year, which meant everyone I knew got their choice of 1Ls to mentor, if you know what I mean. Anyway, it was a lot of hard work but it was rewarding in that it gave me opportunities to get to know people that I would have otherwise not have gotten to know.

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