Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Billy The Bison

Who knew he was such an architecture/landmark nerd?
Barney's Beanery is "one of the last standing of the original roadhouses built along Route 66." Additionally, Barney's Beanery is "known for being a favorite spot of movie stars, rock stars, writers, and artists from every decade since the 1920's" and has "been featured in films, documentaries, television shows, books, and been the subject of art and sculpture."

And now the latest.
The Century Club is "a Spanish-Colonial style venue... located in the heart of Century City and features a variety of beautiful indoor and outdoor rooms, 50' high ceilings and 5000 square feet of tropical gardens."

Billy the Bison was definitely cooler last year.

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Anonymous said...

Billy isn't afraid of being smart. Billy already has the looks.