Friday, June 17, 2005

Random AIM Conversation

yaz: My brother is having a boy
yaz: They thinking of naming him brian, but not after me, they just like the name
Bruin7089: hahaha
yaz: Isnt that weird
Bruin7089: Yes
Bruin7089: It shouldn't be allowed
yaz: I wish I had that control
Bruin7089: So not only will you be further removed from being the baby of the family
Bruin7089: but you're not even going to be the youngest brian anymore
yaz: but they are stealing my name
Bruin7089: more than one brian
yaz: and he is going to be born right around my birthday
Bruin7089: let's hope on the same day
yaz: Yes, that would be the topper
Bruin7089: It would be like you're being completely replaced.
yaz: Yup
yaz: How sad for me
Bruin7089: Would you call him Junior?
yaz: I would call him fucker
Bruin7089: Hey Fucker
Bruin7089: you took my name
yaz: Happy Birthday Fucker
yaz: Nice to see you again nephew Fucker
yaz: Hey, where is Fucker
yaz: Works quite well I think
Bruin7089: haha

1 comment:

Wayne said...

Yes, that would make the only - so far - existing Brian Y., Fucker Sr.