Friday, June 03, 2005

Random AIM Conversation

Bruin7089: So how sure are you that you don't want to be a lawyer?
yaz: Pretty damn sure, why?
Bruin7089: Wondering
Bruin7089: So how did you come to that realization?
yaz: This stuff just isnt fun
yaz: I could not imagine doing it the rest of my life
Bruin7089: What can you imagine doing the rest of your life?
yaz: Lounging around
Bruin7089: does that pay as well as i've heard it does?
yaz: I am hoping so
Bruin7089: Could it be that you're just not doing the type of law that you would find interesting?
yaz: no
Bruin7089: What if you were in the position of the lawyer who hired you. Obviously he's doing all the fun stuff of a lawyer while giving you all the shit stuff right? Wouldn't it be better to be in his shoes?
yaz: Yes, that is true
yaz: I just dont know if I would be happy or feel like I accomplished what I ultimately wanted to accomplish in my life (career wise) by just being a lawyer
Bruin7089: What do you want to ultimately accomplish in life other than dating a cheerleader (still a goal right)?
yaz: I know some ppl's ultimate goal is to be partner at a firm or a successful attorney, that is not what I want
yaz: If you got the choice of what your "legacy" would be when you died what would yours be?
yaz: Would part of it be you were the best lawyer around, or one of the best?
Bruin7089: That I did my best at something that I loved doing.
yaz: Would that be being a lawyer?
Bruin7089: I don't know yet.
Bruin7089: But I can't honestly think of anything else that I would rather be doing.
yaz: Dont you think we should have known that before starting this whole process
Bruin7089: So you were obviously thinking that you were going to become a lawyer when you came to law school but now you want to go into business and are now considering an MBA program after law school?
yaz: I dont think that is very realistic to be honest
Bruin7089: Or is it that you don't think you can become the best lawyer?
yaz: I think I have to go work for a few years and then go back maybe
yaz: I dont want to be the best lawyer
Bruin7089: but you feel like you have to want to be the best at what you do in order to love what you do?
Bruin7089: or do what you want to do
yaz: I think it has to be a goal of yours if you are in the right field
Bruin7089: I don't know.
Bruin7089: I'm not exactly the most ambitious person.
Bruin7089: I think if you're going to achieve something great on a grand scale
Bruin7089: then you're probably right
yaz: I dont think you live to be average, do you?
Bruin7089: Well most people are.
Bruin7089: Do you think it's because they don't try to live to be great?
Bruin7089: Obviously those who are great dared to be.
yaz: No I just think ppl have different definitions of great
yaz: Some ppl think great is having a career and a great family life, not sacrificing family for career
yaz: Some ppl think great is arguing in front if the supreme court
yaz: It is all a subjective thing of great
yaz: It just depends on what your great is, what will you be satisfied with. When you look back on your life in 50 yrs will you think you have accomplished what you wanted to accomplish, or will you have regrets
Bruin7089: So what do you want to look back on 50 years from now?
yaz: I want a lot of things to have happened
yaz: I want a family
yaz: I want to have a succesful career
yaz: I want a foundation for kids
yaz: But what is a successful career, that is the question
Bruin7089: That's a subjective one
yaz: Right
Bruin7089: So don't ask me
Bruin7089: ask yourself
yaz: But what do you think it is for a majority of lawyers?
Bruin7089: ha
Bruin7089: one that pays back the student loans
Bruin7089: i seriously believe that's why most graduating students go into the profession
Bruin7089: after the loans are paid
Bruin7089: who knows
Bruin7089: maybe it has become the only thing they know how to do
Bruin7089: or perhaps there's something about it that they love
yaz: Could you be happy being a lawyer the rest of your life?


Anonymous said...

That was depressing. I should have seen it coming. You guys are always down. Get some help or take some meds or something.

Wayne said...

That's funny. Other people say we're always happy. And by meds did you mean medicinal marijuana? Not that I ever... 'cept that one time in Amsterdam.

shell said...

What's eerie about this is that I had a very similar conversation with a friend who was also a bruin.

I wouldn't be shocked if we actuallly know each other by some kind of six degree connection (or 3 degree, in this case).