Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Quote This

Everyone who has blogged could say the following.

"I now have a permanent record of my stupid thoughts and ideas on the Internet." - Prof. Daniel Solove


shell said...

True. But on the flip side I could also say I now have a permanent record of my moment of brilliance - however brief - posted on the internet.

I am leaning toward the latter. After all, I already of plenty of putting-my-foot-in-the-mouth moments in real life, so what's another one on the internet?

On the otherhand, I rarely remember the intelligent stuff I've said, so this is the only way to record it for future reference.

There - I just proved Prof. Daniel Solove's theory, didn't I?

Wayne said...

Pretty much. Now go record the rest of your stupidity on your own blog.

This space is reserved for my own.