Wednesday, June 15, 2005

2 For 3 Wouldn't Be So Bad

One of my mentees won't be back next year. Another will be back and I'm still waiting to hear about the third one.

As for the school's attrition rate, U.S. News & World Report gives the following numbers:

Attrition Rates for 2003-2004 Full- and Part-time Students
Percent of students discontinuing law school:
- First-year students: 11.7%
- Second-year students: 4.1%
- Third-year students: 1.4%
- Fourth-year students: 2.0%
- Men: 6.3%
- Women: 5.8%

It doesn't take into account those who transfer out of SWLAW but I wonder if these numbers reflect only those who are kicked out by the school due to poor academmic performance or if it also includes those who decide on their own accord not to continue for whatever reason (which for some includes poor academic performance). If it includes only the former then the numbers make sense. However, it doesn't seem to compute if it includes both numbers.

I was a first year student that year and from my section of just over 70 students about 20%-25% didn't come back for their second year at SWLAW. About half of those decided to drop out with about the other half being kicked out. I know of only one sectionmate who transferred out. I believe another started over at a different school. And there were a few others that tried to start over as well. Does SWLAW take that into account? Or maybe the section I was in was the stupid one. After all, I was in it.

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shell said...

I checked with several schools (from diff. states) at the Law Forum, and they usually lump both numbers together.

The worst schools I've heard has 30-40% attrition rate and the best had something like 1-2%. In general, law school recruiters don't like to talk about the attrition rate and you have to corner them and ask very specific questions to get to real numbers.