Tuesday, May 24, 2005

And I Thought Hitting .400 Was Only Acceptable In Baseball*

Of the 4,520 applicants for the Feb. 22-24 exam, 40 percent -- 1,810 -- passed. That tied the pass rate for the February 2000 test and was 4.7 percentage points higher than last year.

The pass rate for those who attended California law schools approved by the American Bar Association was 57.7 percent; from ABA schools outside the state, 58 percent; from schools accredited by the State Bar's Committee of Bar Examiners but not the ABA, 25.9 percent; for those who went to unaccredited law schools, 3.7 percent; and for students from correspondence schools, 42.1 percent.

So let me get something wrong, right. Schools outside of California better prepared their students to pass the California bar exam than schools inside California? Must be those kids from Whittier.

*I'm quite aware that hitting .400 in baseball is more than merely "acceptable." After all, I'm not prof. Kush.

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