Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Law Reviews To Limit Length Of Articles

Now if they can only limit the length of other things, I'd be a happy law student:
  • Majority opinions (really, how long does it take to get your point across?)
  • Concurring opinions (yes, yes you voted with the majority for other reasons no one cares about)
  • Dissenting opinions (you lost, accept it, don't bitch about it)
  • The time it takes women to tell a story (it's as if they were writing a majority opinion)
  • The time it takes to spend on LexisNexis to accumulate enough points to get 10 songs from iTunes
  • The time it takes for me to get to school during rush hour so I don't have to leave home before 5:45 am and leave school after 7:30 pm just so that I don't have to sit in an hour and half's worth of traffic to travel 26 miles.
  • The size of my penis (and by this I mean an acceptable minimum length because going to Angela's bathroom everytime I need an ego boost just isn't practical)

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