Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Where's the beef?

I mean ending. Wayne recently left this testimonial on my friendster page, but alas it is incomplete. I've already approved it but I want to know what your final thought was, since you seem to have been cut off mid-sentence.

"From prior testimonials: "really greatperson"; "always cool and a down asschick"; "very sweet, kind, intelligent";"chill, sincere, ambitious and fun chica"; "sweetest person"; "goofy girl with a cool past". From all that has been said about Trini, one would be left with the impression that she is the easiest person to get along with and the one person you must absolutely have as a friend listed on your Friendster. But that impression could be a mistaken one. If you are either a republican; or a Bruin; or trying to play games during class; or someone bopping her on the head with a stuffed teddy [I'm glad you finally admit that it isn't an action figure], it is not that easy to get along with her - it is damn near impossible if you are all of that. And yet regardless of how knowingly hard or because of how seemingly easy it is to get along with her, many, as do I, choose to call her a friend. That says something about Trini. But that is only this conservative pricks opinion, an opinion that very well may have"

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Wayne said...

I can't effin' believe I was cut off mid-sentence. Damn thing said I was right at the limit. I'm deleting it and starting anew.