Thursday, January 13, 2005

SW And Passing The Bar

Frequent commenter, Anonymous, left the following comment:
Makes one wonder why the bar pass rate is dropping at SW. Several theories: students with laptops playing internet games on WiFi during class; too many entering students with LSAT scores below 155; professors ramble on and on about useless trivia instead of homing in on what one must know to pass the bar; class discussions that are directed more toward impressing the hot chick next to you rather than to improving legal understanding; etc. What a school. Is there a fourth tier it can slip into?

First, have you tried logging onto the wireless internet in one of the classrooms? Not happening. Though there are many spider solitaire experts. Second, the incoming LSAT score has increased since 2001. So unless there are much higher LSAT scores masking a larger number of scores below 155 since 2001, it's an unlikely reason. Third, for the most part I think the professors teach the subject matter. Though I can't tell you if the professors have gotten better or worse since 2001. Fourth, have you seen the girls at SW? Not enough hot chicks to impress for 43% of the class to fail the bar. Finally, there is a fourth tier for SWLAW to slip into, which may not be such a bad thing since one of those fourth tiered schools had a better pass rate.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous can be different people.
WiFi is alive and well in the classrooms, based on my personal observations of the students next to and in front of me. Try it in third floor and second floor of the old W building. You may be right about fewer lsats below 155, however I know several who admit to lsats under 150. Your profs may stick to the subject, but some of mine do not and have not. Self-study is not what I expect for my money. Insufficient hot chicks is not the point, as it only takes one or two for the gonad-driven goons to dominate the class discussion and screw it up for everyone. I wonder if grads from those fourth tier schools get jobs...

Anonymous said...

Sub 150 LSATs? Are they in the evening program?