Thursday, January 13, 2005

Random AIM Conversation

Bruin7089: Not on AP are you?
Bruin7089: I failed two classes
yaz: You lie
yaz: How did you really do
Bruin7089: I need a drink
yaz: How did you do?
yaz: I got a * in conlaw
Bruin7089: Damn
Bruin7089: Well seeing how I usually score below you...
yaz: You didn't fail any classes right?
Bruin7089: I don't know.
Bruin7089: I'm thinking I can go the whole year without checking my grades.
Bruin7089: They'll just tell me if I fail out right?
yaz: You haven't checked?
Bruin7089: Nope.
yaz: They are all in now
Bruin7089: I know.
Bruin7089: I don't think I want to know.
yaz: I didn't either
Bruin7089: So what's the point of knowing what my grades are?
yaz: So you know where you stand
Bruin7089: Wouldn't it just depress me to the point where I might just want to stop studying?
yaz: No
yaz: You would hope not
Bruin7089: I would think so.
yaz: I bet not
yaz: It might motivate you to study more
Bruin7089: I'll put off looking at my grades.
Bruin7089: Don't want it to ruin my five day weekend.
yaz: okay
Bruin7089: That I'll spend studying.
yaz: true

So, should I even bother checking my grades?

UPDATE (8:47): I'm leaning to not looking until all my grades for the entire school year are in.


PrimaFacieBlonde said...

check your damn grades! i dont understand you people who can go without checking grades. I check every 10 minutes. (plus I wanna know how you did)

Wayne said...

I ain't checking tonight.

Anonymous said...

Con Law disappointed me too... fek
new plan...blather on for pages with no point might work, it certainly does for the teacher...

Wayne said...

Who is Boargart?