Sunday, January 02, 2005

Random AIM Conversation

LL: two types of asian
LL: Asian #1
LL: these are your asian restuarant/laundry mat/big city asians... these are who americans view as "chinese"
LL: Asian #2
LL: these are usually you're teenage "stylish" asian, usually looks like a tourist
LL: these are what americans believe to be japanese
LL: and those are your two types of asians
Bruin7089: What do you call the asians you see on my blog?
LL: WWB's.
LL: There are also BWB asians
LL: WWB & BWB are really the 'typical' asian.
LL: WWB = white wanna be. They're succesful and professional. But America doesn't yet acknowledge asians as a true race. Thus you either have to be a wanna be white or wanna be black asian.
LL: So then there are the BWB = black wanna-be's
LL: which are very nicely represented by... that one asian rapper. haha

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