Saturday, January 15, 2005

Most Asinine Comment Of The Moment

WiFi is alive and well in the classrooms, based on my personal observations of the students next to and in front of me. Try it in third floor and second floor of the old W building. You may be right about fewer lsats below 155, however I know several who admit to lsats under 150. Your profs may stick to the subject, but some of mine do not and have not. Self-study is not what I expect for my money. Insufficient hot chicks is not the point, as it only takes one or two for the gonad-driven goons to dominate the class discussion and screw it up for everyone. I wonder if grads from those fourth tier schools get jobs...

But "insufficient hot chicks" is a HUGE and most relevant point, to say otherwise wholly discredits whatever tangential point Anonymous was trying to make.

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Anonymous said...

Asininity is a highly subjective standard...but we will just consider the source... For MOST of us, the point of law school is NOT the sufficiency or insufficiency of hot chicks. Your grades and AP status might improve if you acknowledge this (or not). I suggest you examine the SW bar pass rates for those first time takers who had been on AP... it is not pretty. I have it on excellent authority that the abundance of hotties in the close proximity increases upon one's passing the bar. It seriously decreases for those who do NOT pass said bar. Be a Republican and take the long view, not the immediate gratification view of a Liberal.