Sunday, January 16, 2005

More From Anonymous Commentors

Wow, your life just totally sucks. I am surprised you haven't swallowed a gun already. I'll keep checking back. If you stop posting, I'll know what happened.

Talk about exaggerating for bad comic effect. At least that's what I hope Anonymous is trying to do by leaving that comment because if he's serious, then he's way off.

Don't worry anyone, I'm not suicidal. If anything, I was more upset about my poker play last night than I was about seeing my grades. Yes, it sucks to be on AP and I only have myself to blame, which makes it worse since I'd love to pass the blame for this onto someone else. But a lot of things mitigate the suckiness of it. First, I completely expected to be on AP immediately after taking my last final. Second, I was relieved and thankful that I didn't do nearly as bad as I had expected and probably deserved. Third, I know what I did wrong last semester. Finally, I'm a 2L in my fourth semester of law school, which means I'm capable of compiling grades that will keep me in law school.

I just have to work harder than I did last semester, but that's not a high standard to meet. And even if I have to work as hard as I did during my 1L year, it's fine because I was still able to really enjoy that first year of law school regardless. So it just sucks a little bit - not totally - and not even so much so that it's going to weigh heavily in the back of my mind to dampen my mood.

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