Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Last Great Invention Of 2004

Virgin mobile has come up with a new service plan for its Australian customers.
Virgin mobile says it’s “dialing under the influence” service will prevent incoherent calls to ex-partners, current partners or bosses.

A recent survey by the company of more than 400 people found that 95 percent made phone calls after a drinking session, with 30 percent of calls going to exes and 19 percent to current partners. [I guess this goes to show that a broken relationship is more likely to drive someone to the bottle and that 19% of all couples shouldn't be together. - ed.]

The survey also found that the morning after more people will first reach for their mobile phone to check who they had dialled (55%) instead of reaching for painkillers (8%). More than half those surveyed also said they made up to three calls per night.

Virgin says with the new service, people will simply dial a number followed by the phone number they don’t want to call, effectively blacklisting it until six o’clock the following morning. [Since when aren't people allowed to be drunk at 6 am? - ed.]
If this makes it to America, I don't see myself serenading anyone over the phone anymore. And that would be a shame.


Blonde Justice said...

That's awesome. I think it's a great idea.

Sometimes you just don't want to be serenaded, you know?

Wayne said...

Actually, I wouldn't know. *tear*

But... if you've ever heard my drunken rendition of the Hammer Song, you would certainly know that this isn't such a great idea.