Monday, January 31, 2005

Good Times!

Me and my roomies threw a little shindig this weekend and here are some of the highlights:

87 - number of people that showed (89 if you count the cops that shut it down)
50 - bottles of alcohol consumed
2 - number of Canadians
5 - seconds that wayne got down on the dancefloor
7 - people that ended up sleeping over
10 - number of T & A photos that Sean took throughout the evening
?? - number of people that got some action (i guess we'll never know)
42 - Bottles of wine left unopened
1 - neighbor who kept calling the cops
1 - number of people who yakked in the bathrooms

Some other highlights include Sean's quotes:
"Hey, you're cute."
"Oh, that's going on the website." (after taking a T&A pic)

As i remember more, I will blog.

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