Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Fight On Trojans!

USC spanked the nobody can justify hating on the trojans (not even you, Wayne), except all the losers from OU.


Alley said...

Let's see...USC, a Pac-10 school, beat Oklahoma, a Big-10 school. Neither of these schools has to play the SEC or the ACC. If they had then neither of them would have gone to the Orange Bowl, so yeah, I can still hate the Trojans. They played against nothing teams all year. Auburn would have kicked USC's ass if they'd been in this game.

This is just a Bruin's offense.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that makes paying an absurd amount of money for tuition for four years well worth it doesn't it? Gee Whiz, I sure wish I gone to USC now.

You alums and this "Trojan Family" crap are pathetic.

Wayne said...

Ok Anonymous. Calm down. I'm as big a Trojan hater as there is but there's no need to be uncivil about it.

Anonymous said...

Just so Alley knows, Oklahoma is a big 12 school. So if you are going to bash USC and OK, please at least have the facts straight.

Anonymous said...

I worked at USC. The place is cultish. They send "Welcome to the Trojan Family" cards to the newborns of Alums. The idea is that they'll grow up, go to USC and donate money. Rah Rah.

For all their rambling on about the closeness of the "Trojan Family" though they had to go and make it free to join their alumni association. Noone was joining when they had to pay. I suppose they were swimming in school loan debt and couldn't afford it.

I must say though, I'd have gone to USC in a heartbeat over my crappy law school. Paying that much for law school (or even medical school) seems worth it, but for some liberal arts degree? Please, it's the most expensive school in the country and just not worth it.

USCtrins said...