Sunday, January 16, 2005

Deconstructing An Anonymous Comment

Asininity is a highly subjective standard...but we will just consider the source... [I take offense, I'm a very trustworthy source... just ask Dan Rather.] For MOST of us, the point of law school is NOT the sufficiency or insufficiency of hot chicks. [It's that kind of thinking that gives us ugly looking classes. I hope you're never on an admissions board.] Your grades and AP status might improve if you acknowledge this (or not). [I'm going with probably not.] I suggest you examine the SW bar pass rates for those first time takers who had been on AP... it is not pretty. [I'm very familiar with the statistics - we're on a first name basis - and am fairly confident I'll fall in the minority.] I have it on excellent authority that the abundance of hotties in the close proximity increases upon one's passing the bar. [But do I really want to be with a girl who wants me because of my status as an attorney?] It seriously decreases for those who do NOT pass said bar. [Again, I'm passing the bar the first time and am willing to put money on that. I'll even give you 50-1 odds] Be a Republican and take the long view, not the immediate gratification view of a Liberal. [Appealing to my affinity for the GOP, I like.]

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