Monday, January 24, 2005

Being On AP Is Very, Very, Very Bad

I heard that one of the 1L professors was giving the impression that it was a certainty that students on academic probation after their first semester of law school end up failing out of law school on completion of their first year. She also gave the impression that it was nearly as certain that those who do fail out will not be able to petition back in.

Way to support the students who need it most, bitch.

Yes, it's difficult to get off of AP and I'm sure that a good percentage of students on AP after their first semester do get kicked out. But what good comes of some blanket statement saying that by being on AP your fist semester of law school you are wasting your time by coming back for a second semester? Maybe she's just trying to save those on AP who have no real shot at making it out of AP - probably a majority of those - from spending another $15,000 and four months in law school. Or possibly, she's trying to weed out those who are not completely committed to turning things around. Or maybe she's just trying to shock them to the reality of the difficulties they face to getting out of AP.

But what about those who do have a real shot of getting out of AP and a bit of what they need to help turn things around is some sort of positive encouragement? And what if the impression that the professor made was more harmful than helpful to such people? I guess she wasn't talking to them.


Anonymous said...

when I was a 1L at Southwestern I was on academic probation after my 1st semester. I am now a 2L. So fuck whichever professor is telling these kids they have no chance. No, fuck Southwestern in general.

Anonymous said...

yes yes. fuck southwestern. and that particular professor who took it upon herself to take her precious time getting back the ILs the exam.

Anonymous said...

Here is another way to look at it: we all know that the people in the bottom 25% are very likely to fail the bar. And if you are on AP, you are probably close to the bottom. Thus, there is a very little chance that you will pass the bar. So, maybe she was just trying to save people 3 years, over $100K and lots of humiliation?

Anonymous said...

Or, maybe the prof (she?) does not want students to find a 'how to' course a la Flemings, where motivated students learn to write essay exams that receive A's. I was not on AP at SW after first semester, but damn near. I got my ass and the rest of me to Flemings, fast. My essay exams went from C to A in one semester. Best $175 I ever spent. I'll graduate in the top 30 percent. Why the hell doesnt SW teach exam skills the first semester? For $30 thou they should.