Thursday, January 06, 2005

Any Suggestions?

Just got a call from SWLAW saying that the Legislation class I was scheduled to take has been cancelled. That leaves me with 13 units, which means if I don't pick up another class, I'll have to average 13 units per semester next year in order to graduate. So pick up another class to have at least one easy semester next year or pocket the newfound $1,900 in extra loan money and take that with me to Vegas?

By The Way: I haven't marked up my new Legislation casebook but the thing did come in a shrinkwrap that I removed a few days ago. Does that mean I don't get a full refund? Also, I might take Anonymous's suggestions to heart if Anonymous weren't so anonymous.


Anonymous said...

Administrative Law? Maybe CA Civil Procedure? There's an Education Law class with Lipton (adjunct) that could be interesting. I'd stay away from anything with Prof. Lind (good prof, nightmarish exams), avoid Metzger(boring) and Hart (evil).

Anonymous said...

I transferred out of SW last year. There only about 10 of us so you may be able to figure out who I am based on process of elimination :-). I took Sales with Metzger over the summer. She's nice, but dull. Ask anyone at SW. Hart is probably a good prof, but I'm still pissed off about the medicore grades she gave me (even though it didn't end up affecting my chance to transfer since I did well in everything else). I think your best bet is the Education Law class. Lipton is the managing partner at Burke Williams and Sorenson in LA. Look him up on the website. Not a bad contact to make and I heard good things about his class. (It's at night too and the rumor is that it's easier to do well in classes with the night students.)

Anonymous said...

It appears that the person who commented above is a pompous ass. Maybe likes to talk about their accolades a little too much. Whatever it is, I would never take their advice, unless you want to be a conceded ass hole.

Wayne said...

No worry, I'm not taking anyone's advice who did not advise me to take the money to Vegas.

Anonymous said...

Pompous ass? Why would you say that? I certainly didn't mean to come across as arrogant. I was only of the ten people who got to transfer out because the school I'm at now was willing to wait for my transcript to arrive. SW sat on them until late July - it's not as if I think I was one of the smartest people at SW. I was lucky to get into SW (my LSAT sucked) and I was very lucky to be able to transfer. I get irritated when people put down SW because I know how hard it is too do well there.

I was giving my honest opinion of what I thought he should take since I was planning to return to SW up until late summer and had done a lot of review of the classes offered.

I do not think I am "better" than anyone at SW. I think I just got very lucky in the transfer admissions game.