Saturday, December 04, 2004

Yay Wayne, Boo Bruins

Now that the city's #1 team has been decided, it's time for you to get crackin' on that studying, Wayne. So, "yay to you."

Ok that was your motivation. Go!

Oh and Boo to the Bruins* for making Wayne cry.

* This is just to make Wayne feel better but I am REALLY happy with the outcome of the game...6 years and counting.

Fight On!

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Wayne said...

That's my motivation to study?! Maybe studying will preoccupy my mind and I'll no longer dwell with great sorrow on what should have been.

Anyway, thanks for whatever this post was about Trini and thank you as well for the gloating phone call at the beginning of the game, the text messages during the game, and the pity call at the end of the game.

Funny friend you are.