Monday, December 27, 2004

White Collar Crime Final

It was tough. Only a page long fact pattern with the call of the question just as long. And that's how you know you have a tough exam, when the call of the question exceeds in or is greater in length than the fact pattern itself. In the call of the question, the professor referred to Section numbers of the U.S. Code or whatever and didn't mention the title of the statute. So it went something like this, "Defendant is charged with Section 3101(b)1(b), discuss." There were about ten of those. And maybe it was just me since I didn't try to memorize the code numbers and the titles of the statutes, but I swear none of them matched up with what we learned in class so sometimes I had to skim the statute to get some understanding of what I was dealing with. Anyway, good thing he gave us a statutory supplement or else I would've been screwed. Not that I wasn't. The only thing that gives me any sort of hope is that everyone else feels like it was the hardest exam they've ever taken and one even said she felt like crying.

Instead of crying, I went to Sushi Dan.

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