Saturday, December 04, 2004

Which Is Better?

To lose a close game, as the Bruins did today, or to lose in a blowout, as the Buffs did today?

Trini and Bunny are not expected to join in on this discussion, but they are still welcomed to offer their thoughts.


Soupie said...

Better? UCLA's loss has to feel a little better. They went out there and played with the #1 team in the nation (at least in the polls). Very good game.

Of course, this just serves to highlight how crappy the Pac-10 is... but that's a post for a different day.

Anonymous said...

Pac 10 dominates over Big 12 - as all the bowl wins will prove.

Anonymous said...

The PAC 10 only has one good team, USC. The rest are a bunch of Patsies. The big 12 South alone puts the Patsy Athletic Conference to shame.