Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Weather Update For Those Who Left Cali For Home

It rained heavily through the night. Today's forecast calls for more rain and rain in 4 of the next 9 days the weather might actually be better in Denver for once. Not quite 30 days straight but it got me to thinking like Noah and building my own biblical Love Boat - link provided for you heathens. And if it were up to me, I'd leave off cats, porcupines (too scared I might sit on it), zebras, alligators (too similar to crocodiles), ostriches, spiders, buffalo, whales (I think they can survive a flood on their own because they're big and all), hippos, giraffes, snakes, naked mole rats, and various people of course but only because I don't like them.

Point of this post? Think ahead before posting, instead of merely rambling on and on; too much time on my hands; and I always wanted to be a weatherman, but not a meterologist, those people are just nerds.

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