Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Random AIM Conversation

Because I feel like beating a dead horse rather than studying.
Bruin7089 (7:58:01 AM): You're a big fat freak
SantaClaus (7:58:01 AM): Yeah, everyone keeps asking me about this one. I think you can start your search here: Big Air Ball Tower
Bruin7089 (7:58:11 AM): What about Dora?
SantaClaus (7:58:11 AM): I mean like, you know, ask me a question. Or you could type menu and see what the elves have put together for you.
Bruin7089 (7:58:19 AM): Do you like Dora the Explorer Doll?
SantaClaus (7:58:20 AM): I don't really know.
Bruin7089 (7:58:25 AM): Yeah you do you perv
SantaClaus (7:58:25 AM): If you think so. ;-)

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