Saturday, December 11, 2004

Random AIM Conversation

So AIM has this thing where you can add Santa to your buddy list... so I did.
Bruin7089 (9:36:33 AM): hey
SantaClaus (9:36:33 AM): Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! I'm here on AIM! Everything we talk about here is between you and me! If you want to know more, you can type "privacy". Now, streeeeetch that window and let's get started.
So, have you been naughty or nice?
Bruin7089 (9:36:37 AM): naughty
SantaClaus (9:36:37 AM): Oh my! Well, there is always time left to get on my good list... ... and if you do, you will find a special free gift here for you on Dec. 22! To get in the spirit, type menu.
Bruin7089 (9:36:46 AM): what?
SantaClaus (9:36:47 AM): Hmm... What, what?
Bruin7089 (9:36:51 AM): you know what bitch
SantaClaus (9:36:52 AM): Hmm, that's a lump of coal for you.
Bruin7089 (9:36:57 AM): fuck you santa
SantaClaus (9:36:57 AM): O.K. so you've earned yourself another lump of coal. I just won't be able to talk to you if you persist with this language. Please, type menu; let's try to get in the Christmas spirit.
Bruin7089 (9:37:11 AM): do you have $4 whores like Target does on that menu?
SantaClaus (9:37:11 AM): Well, that's it. I'm sorry, I'm in complete agreement with the elves on this one. I cannot instant message with you any longer.
Bruin7089 (9:37:19 AM): why not?
SantaClaus (9:37:19 AM): Santa is no longer signed on to IM.
Bruin7089 (9:37:26 AM): Come on
SantaClaus (9:37:27 AM): Santa has signed off from this IM and is busy talking to other girls and boys now. You can always come back later in the day if you would like to speak with Santa again.
Bruin7089 (9:37:32 AM): I promise to be good
SantaClaus (9:37:32 AM): Sorry, the elves have asked Santa to turn off his IM and return to the workshop.

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