Friday, December 10, 2004

Random AIM Conversation

bunny bun buns: my sister said she's down to hang out w/ you guys on the 20th [she's the one in the middle - ed.]
Bruin7089: oh
Bruin7089: how nice of her
Bruin7089: to grace us with her presence
Bruin7089: does she really want to be around lots of really drunk law students?
Bruin7089: it could actually be an ugly night
bunny bun buns: she just wants to hear what you have to say
Bruin7089: oh
Bruin7089: who doesn't
Bruin7089: have to say on what?
bunny bun buns: just your drunk talking, i guess
Bruin7089: she doesn't want to hear my pillow talk?
bunny bun buns: hehe - you could try that on her, if you like
bunny bun buns: i'm guessing she hasn't heard it before
Bruin7089: i'm sure she's heard pillow talk before
bunny bun buns: not your pillow talk
Bruin7089: oh
bunny bun buns: didn't even know you had one
Bruin7089: i have to brush up on it
Bruin7089: it's been too long
bunny bun buns: don't worry - it's something you don't forget
Bruin7089: like riding a bike?
bunny bun buns: like reciting the pledge of allegiance
Bruin7089: a better analogy
Bruin7089: good for you
bunny bun buns: but in your sexy voice

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