Saturday, December 04, 2004

Random AIM Conversation

Discussing the blown call that would have made the game 17-17 at the half rather than the 20-10 that it was.
bunny45: whatever
bunny45: it's on your turf
Bruin7089: pfffffffffffft
bunny45: you need to pay your refs more
Bruin7089: PAC 10 wants two BCS teams
Bruin7089: PAC 10 refs
bunny45: you should be studying
Bruin7089: and the game should be tied
Bruin7089: sometimes
Bruin7089: things aren't the way they should be
bunny45: you studying at school or at home?
bunny45: or starbucks?
Bruin7089: home
Bruin7089: had to watch the game
bunny45: why would you want to watch such heartache
bunny45: put yourself thru such pain
Bruin7089: I'm the S&M type?

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