Monday, December 27, 2004

Question Of The Night

Kayten asks the following:
[W]hy do so many of you damn law students follow The Hot Librarian?
Could be because those damn law students, who follow the The Hot Librarian, spend much of their time in the library and it's kinda hot comforting to think that the lady behind the reference desk may someday be like the THL. Or maybe it's because of her professed love for the anal. Though those two could go hand-in-hand or something-in-something-else.

I really don't know.

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Kay said...

Aha ... this accounts for why so many links to my blog from here!

Now, I love reading the Hot Librarian myself, but because she is so atypical female. In fact, she has posted about accusations that she is really a man(, a fact which she (as would any woman) resents. She writes vividly, about all parts of her life, and posts frequently. But every time I see a particularly witty comment on one of her posts (and it's not from me, LOL) it comes from a law student, or on occasion, lawyer, and I just wonder why the large following.

As for love for anal, well, I hadn't seen it mentioned on her own blog, but what's the big deal? Don't most women who have tried it enjoy it? Just seems a normal part of an active sex life to me. But you're right, maybe not for your typical librarian.

Anyway, thanks for the connection; makes more sense now.